Welcome to Photonet, the National Managed Clinical Network for Phototherapy in Scotland (Photonet) .

Within this website you will find links to information on:

  • Current network activity
  • Patient information
  • Network newsletters and publications
  • Home phototherapy
  • Treatment centre locations
  • Standards & protocols

The objective of Photonet is to provide a co-ordinated system to allow delivery of standardised quality patient care delivered at the many different phototherapy sites throughout Scotland. The service will provide treatment protocols, patient information sheets, skin cancer monitoring for patients who have extensive exposure to ultraviolet sources in outpatient therapy centres. Both outpatients and inpatients are referred to the service.

We are keen to see this website grow and develop; if there is anything you would like to see included here, or if there are any upcoming events you think would be helpful to other patients and /or clinicians, please get in touch nss.photonet@nhs.net.